TV Characters That Should Have Gay Friends Pt. 3 - Desperate Housewives

Edie � Is she not already the embodiment of gay iconography? Tall, sexy, blonde, fearless, flawless, sexual, outspoken, and jaded to the gills! Not to mention �Knots Landing,� Hello?
Lynette � In another life I�m pretty sure Lynette would have had a gaggle of gays flitting about her. Can�t you see her in college being the ball busting go getter with a fleet of gangly boys doing her dirty work ensuring her success? I can but those kids have gotz ta go!
Gabby � She�s a model with a hard bodied lawn boy toy. She�s the wet dream of gaydom. Hot Latina Model goes suburban for luxurious money money money. She�s a dirty gay old man�s trophy houseboy in pumps without the cleaning skills.
Bree � If she wasn�t so repressed and uptight she could have the biggest bunch of gays at her functions, think of the ranks she could climb on the social ladder with all the best gays in attendance. We love Martha Stewart and Bree is basically the pre-jail with a little more psychoses Martha that happens to have an NRA card! Marcia Cross has been my favorite since her brilliant days as Crazy Kimberly blowing up �Melrose� and exposing one hell of a scar all the way through her Doctors Without Borders suffering from AIDS on �Everwood.� If we can�t love and console Bree, who can?


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