TV Characters That Should Have Gay Friends Pt. 1 - Alias

Need a Gay - Alias
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The Derevko Sisters � Irina, Katya, Elena� Isabella Rossellini was a model and torchy actress with androgynous looks; Sonia Braga starred in the beloved gay film Kiss of the Spider Woman and bedded Kim Cattral same-sex style on �Sex and the City;� Lena Olin has been a diva since day one and her tough persona and bitchy antics make great fodder for the pop cultural scholars we�ve been training to become. All three of these women represent independence and a killer (literally) instinct that somehow resonates with gay men. It�s very possible there was a Russian potato of a boy running with them as they learned the best in spy fighting and techno wizardry. If nothing else, he designed some of their leather get ups made famous on �Alias.�


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