VH1's Strip Tease

VH1's Strip Tease
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Let�s get it out in the open; I�m in love with a girl. Her name is Rachel Perry and she�s a VH1 personality whom I�ve secretly obsessed over for about 3 years now. She is way hot, super cool, into indie ideals, and a hell of wise-ass. How could I not watch a whole show with her as host manhandling guys that want to be strippers? �Strip Search� is one of the many VH1 reality shows about to kill us this summer. Granted this is not high concept or culturally relative in any way, its just fun to watch guys get naked while I get to watch Rachel Perry be hot and funny.
Favorite Moment of Episode 1: Rachel pulling co-host Billy (who I was sure was a big queen but is actually just Australian � he�s married with two kids) aside to express her almost school-girl giddiness about a contestant. �I loooove him�� she coos in Billy�s ear. Moments later she proclaims: �Out of all the guys we�ve auditioned, this is the only one I�d have sex with�� That�s hot.


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