Veronica Mars - Episodes 1.01 - 1.02

Easily I slipped into the slick ass groove I�d missed all year with this show. I instantly connected to the glamour girl gone alt-chick who�s been sidelined by her once snobbish rich friends after her Police Chief Father blames the murder of her best friend on her best friend�s Father, who happens to be the most rich and powerful player in all of Neptune, CA.
Veronica Mars is a now thick-skinned outsider at Neptune High facing daily ridicule and torment by those who once were her clique by day and the brains and balls behind her Father�s private investigation company by afternoon and night. Once the darling of the social scene (with long blonde hair), Veronica�s life revolved around her life with Lilly and Duncan Kane.
Now the outcast, she befriends the new boy in town, a gawky boy named Wallace, saves his ass a few times and eventually wins over the local gang leader Weevil (who is joyous in his badass with a heart personality) only to place fear back in her bullyish ex-friend Logan (whose dating Paris Hilton is Episode 2 until he finds out she�s been dippin her Carl�s Jr. Burger into Taco Bell territory). Logan is portrayed as this Frat-boy bully like character, too bad he�s portrayed by this quasi-dorkish actor. His character has to change, right? I don�t believe this kid�s the envy or fear of anyone in Neptune.
Veronica used to date her dead best friend�s (Lilly) brother Duncan Kane who is the brooding silent type that may or may not still pine for her even though both of their families are hell bent on destroying each others lives. Throw into the mix a drunk of a Mother that is apparently sleeping with the number one suspect in the case and you�ve got more family drama than the Hatfield�s and McCoy�s.
VMars is sassy, spunky, not afraid of a challenge, and bucks the High School class system daily. She�s my kind of girl. I cannot wait to go deeper into this stellar series.


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