Grey's Anatomy - Season 1 Finale

Tonight George solidified his standing as this show�s greatest ASSet. Was I the only one turned on by the sight of Alex bent down in George�s crotch?
There were plenty of quirky antics on deck for this finale � a syphilis outbreak, manvaries, stealing dead bodies, fist fights, and awkward glances between forbidden lovers and they all worked until the grossly over hyped last 5 minutes when we discover that Dr. Shepard has a Mrs. Dr. Shepherd he�s been hiding from Meredith. Booooooooring. That�s what we had to wait for? I mean, Alex losing a girl to gawky George is one shocker worth raving about, but the oldest soap opera cliff hanger invented � The Unknown Wife? Not worth the hype and a sour aftertaste to an otherwise delicious serial.


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