Alias 5.18.05

Alias 5.18.05
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Two hours was not enough time for me to adjust and catch a breath! Lena Olin may be hard to pin down and commit to this show but if they had to sell someone�s kid to ensure she returned it would have been worth it. She adds such class and weight to this show you didn�t realize you missed her until she reappeared. Wow with the past this chick has and the crimes she still needs to atone for. When she walked up and smacked Jack it was the perfect moment. He knew she would do it and he expected nothing less from her. For a man who was so blind-sided and clueless to Irina�s true self, he knows her all too well. One of the best moments between them was when she apologized for her indiscretion with Sloan and he shoots back with a smirk: �For all the things you�ve done to me, that�s what you apologize for?� Brilliant. You truly believe there is still a love and an unspoken connection between them and it just brings Jack�s cardboard personality to life!
The only thing worse than a woman scorned is a woman scorned who�s just freed the Mother she never knew and must protect. Damn Nadia with some ultra-violent kill Bill action. Snapping a bamboo tree with a man�s neck is hardcore and I loved every second of it. Too bad she must die next week to fulfill a prophecy. If she survives this finale I will not be pleased. Is there a chance that she was in with Aunt Evil the whole time and that she too wishes to see Rimbaldi�s vision play out? Huh?


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