Desperate Housewives 5.15.05

Desperate Housewives 5.15.05
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As funny (I guess) as it was for Bree to withhold taking Rex to the hospital as he�s having a heart attack I also thought it was not completely warranted. Yes she was upset but she has fought for this marriage and it didn�t seem to me that she was wanting him dead for his actions. Punishment may have been a motive, but I still think as crazed as Bree gets, this was out of character.

Lynette, you�re a meddling fool that just cost Tom his job. Women are stupid.

Speaking of stupid� Susan decides to move in with Mike? If it wasn�t bad enough to make your daughter look at police records of the man you love or to ride shotgun as you stalk the man you love � make a decision to bring a mysterious possibly murdering man into your house without even asking your daughters opinion. Call child welfare on all these Housewives. Damn.

Gabby, girl your actions brought out the best lines of the night. After Carlos steals the uber-busty Edie Britts car and is in custody for among other things, beats the hell out of your gay gardener this ditty came out.
Carlos: �They think I�m some sort of Serial Gay Basher��
Gabby: �Well, you kinda are!�

Zach honey, a little less destruction and a little more reflection is in order. You�re a guest in someone�s house for Christ sake. Granted that woman is a trouble making secret keepin� blackmailing freak herself!

Is anyone else worried at the drama about to unfold with the midnight arrival of Alfrie Woodard? It was a creepy entrance to what I hope will be another creepy family! Felicia, watch your ass� there may be a new queen bee in town.


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