Network Upfronts

Network Upfronts
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FOX RENEWED �ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT�!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ABC just made Another Bad Change. They are moving the veteran �Alias� to the death slot � 8pm on Thursdays. They have shown nothing but contempt and disdain for this show two years running. I honestly believe the only reason this show was renewed for this past season and for next season is to appease their prodigal son, JJ Abrams. It wouldn�t be unheard of for Abrams to say no more development deals without �Alias� but what price do the fans pay? These swticheroos the networks pull each season just make us fans crazy. It doesn�t make us happy to compromise one show for another. Choosing to essentially kill one of your favorites to save another is not a nice thing to do. Why do you think there are living wills folks? So we don�t have to choose which loved one lives or dies. Bastard Networks. Whores all of them.

NBC announced their lineup on Monday and somehow renewed �Joey�? Well, that makes one less choice I have to make at 8pm on Thursdays, now its down to �Alias�, �Survivor� and �The OC�.

CBS has ordered a pilot for a show I could just scream and die for but I don�t know if they ordered it for the fall or midseason? It�s called �The Unit� and it stars Noel from �Felicity� (Scott Foley), Regina King (Jerry Maguire/Ray/227!), and my favorite girl, Amy Acker (Fred from �Angel�). This show has great star power and is co-created by the ever amazing David Mamet! If they don�t pick it up, they are retarded.


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