Everwood 5.9.05

Everwood 5.9.05
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Quote of the Night - Hannah responding to Bright's comment about her prom dress...
Hannah: "Pour myself in? Pour myself in? What is that... like batter into a pastry SLUT bag or something?"

Ephram sold his soul this week. All of his musical possessions were hocked so he can get as far away from Everwood, CO as possible. Next week he leaves for London, possibly to never return. I will make a prediction. I WILL BE A BLUBBERING MESS during next week's episode. As he prepares to leave, he finds out about Amy's mother having cancer which I am sure will rip both of them apart if he has to leave. But as he is not in the finale on the 23rd, this means he does somehow manage to leave Everwood (at least until Season 4 in the fall).


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