Sunday, May 1st Viewings

Sunday, May 1st Viewings
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Desperate Housewives � It�s about time this show returned with a new fucking episode. Come on already. After having seen this most recent hour I am happy to say that the wait was well worth it. Jump starting the finale engine, DH set up some major speed bumps along Wisteria Lane!
-Paul and Zach Young seem one second from major meltdowns.
-Felicia Huber is poised to outwit, outlast, and outsmart her dead sister and all of this town�s residents. Major props to this ditty: �Martha don�t look so surprised, it makes your face look fat.�
-Gabrielle was finally bearable to watch and may have come up with the second funniest moment of the night: �Son of a Bitch!� echoed from the pharmacy bathroom almost made me piss myself as did the fact that she never paid for that pregnancy test. Amazingly, the third best moment of the night also goes to Gabrielle. The conversation held with her Priest was inspired; whether his �Oh God what did you do this time� or her �I don�t have time for this crap� it was sacrilege at its finest and a welcomed treat for this otherwise cardboard character.
-Susan kitchen blew up! Was it really her Mother�s negligence or the handy work of a Young man? I�m still out on whether or not I care if she and Mike reconcile. I don�t really know that I care about him at all. At least when he was the deceptive killing machine on a witch hunt he was intriguing but that story seems to have lapsed for the moment. It can�t go too far because as we all know, one of those Young men killed Mike�s true love, sawed her into tiny parts, and buried her in a toy chest. But rest well friends, Shaft is back on the case!
-Lynette�s storyline is becoming a little too real. The show is so over the top that her storyline finally seems forced with its �could happen� traits. But, Felicity Huffman is amazing and classes up the shows otherwise B-list cast.
-Which leads me to Nicolette Sheridon�s Edie. Edie is great fun and I love her ethics. She has none. When pushed, she sells Susan up the river without a moments hesitation given Paul Young�s propensity for violence. �If I liked her more I�d warn her� Genius.
-Bree honey, we all know they mentioned the fact that you and George both love handguns and are card-carrying members of the NRA. A final showdown may be in order and your perfectly coiffed red locks may get a muster as you take that apothecary down Baz Luhrman style. Here�s to another cover up!

Bring on Alfre Woodard and her son!

Grey�s Anatomy � I�m so glad that both of my childhood crushes are working. Jon Crier is apparently funny and successful with �Two and a Half Men� though my hatred for Charlie Sheen (well, minus �Lucas� and �The Wraith�) does not allow me to watch and Patrick Dempsey has surprised us all with his hotness in Grey�s.
This show has turned into a very funny and moving dramedy without being borish and trite. It maintains its ensemble status and builds week to week on each character like only a good show can. It�s ER without the pretentiousness and Ally McBeal without the dancing baby. It�s turning into a must see. Every actor brings their A-game to the show to showcase their flawed, insecure, and actually believable characters. And isn�t it about time that Katherine Heigl landed on a show that actually has a chance. Isabelle Evans, the alien teen from �Roswell� is now Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens and finally has a shot at stardom.


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