Everwood 4.18.05 & 4.25.05

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Everwood returned last week with the best episode of their three year run. Madison told Ephram the fate of her life and her pregnancy. Ephram learned his father hid this from him and paid Madison off to leave Everwood. Ephram blew off his Julliard audition and Dr. Abbott made up with his son Bright!

Let's be honest, I was in tears for a good portion of the hour. Madison deserves an Emmy, well Sarah Lancaster does for portraying the fragile yet empowered babyless Madison. Her honesty and gut wrenching performance as she told Ephram not only that she got preggers, but that she HAD the baby and gave HIM up for adoption was unreal. Ephram panicking and telling his father thinking he knew nothing and quickly learning his true role in the deception was incredibly harsh and the best moment these two actors have had together in three years. Amy Abbott's "Stand By Your Man" routine was heartbreaking considering you know when Ephram comes back its not going to be pretty. Which leads us to this week's "Fallout" episode.

Fallout in the Nuclear sense too! By hours end, Amy and Ephram are broken up with no reconcilliation in sight. She worked the entire episode at being supportive but as his obsession with finding out what happened to his son sent Ephram to insane places. Trying to steer him back, Amy got him another audition at Julliard only to have Ephram pass it off for this fucking kid. Amy lost it and blurted out that "this is why I didn't tell you" before his first audition. The moment of realization on both their parts was staggering. Ephram realizing Amy knew of the pregnancy and kept it from him, and Amy realizing she just actually admitted to him her knowing. Hands down another "best" moment on Everwood.

In other news, Delia is pissed and rightfully so! Go girl. I too liked those new dresser replacement cubies. Nina's teeth look creepier than ever and Jake hotter than ever! Hannah returned from her family to the delight of Bright and Topher. I love that this mousy girl will now have two men fawning over her and she has no clue! The Bright/Hannah relationship is great fun and has rejuvinated the ensemble portion of this cast. Sarah Drew (once a voice on "Daria") has great comedic timing and her God infatuation for 10 minutes this week was hysterical. Welcome back Everwood, I fucking missed ya.


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