American Idol

American Idol
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Snafu Smashfu. I wonder how they figured out that the wrong numbers were listed for some of the contestants? Were there millions of votes for Fran Drescher instead of Carrie Underwood? I had chills at one point when Carrie was belting out �Alone� by Heart! Brought me right back to 9th grade. Hey girl! The last time an Idol gave me chills (of joy not terror � Fantasia) was when my girl Kelly Clarkson began dominating the competition three years ago. I would download Carrie�s version of �Alone� in a Heart-beat, get it�
Nadia Turner, you�ve done so many people wrong with your flat rendition of �Time After Time.� It was weak, boring, and just not rocking. If she would have instead chose to perform �Total Eclipse of the Heart� she would have dominated the night! Tits MaGee�s version of �Eclipse� was emotionless and she�s too young and fresh lunged to rasp out that tune!
And was Paula taking hits off Whitney�s crack pipe last night? Her lunacy was to make up for the fact that she damn near killed some folks in a hit and run accident last week. �I�M CRAZY!�


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