House - Give Me Wit... STAT!

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I�ve never watched this show, but as Idol wrapped up guess who came onto my screen? Nina Myers! She wasn�t plotting against the United States nor was she held captive after a plane wreck but regardless, Nina Myers was on TV! When Nina died, so did �24� but that�s another story. An hour later I was enjoying this here �House�; it was cozy, not yet a home but something I could slip into if need be.
One thing that struck me as an outsider was how horribly inappropriate this Dr. House is. I enjoyed his witticism and his disdain for everyone around him but it had me thinking� Has television become too snappy for its own good? It seems like sharp, witty barbs and general pessimism is the new Cousin Oliver. For every cop drama on television there is a sitcom or dramedy with caustic banter overtaking the airwaves. I tried to tune into �Gilmore Girls� a few weeks back and it was smart yammering overload. If Lorelai wasn�t ranting about something in a perky upbeat yet affected manner then it was her Coffee Man Lover or Daughter witting it up. Everyone was an episode of �Buffy� on dialogue steroids. Too much I tell ya, too much. Wit is the new �Queer Eye!�


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