Degrassi: TNG

Degrassi: TNG
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Tonight concludes a four episode run of Degrassi. The N is working my damn nerve with their scheduling though. In Canada, Degrassi has had a 22 episode season. Here in the fucking USofA the season has already been split twice and we are only on like episode twelve. There are nine episodes that have yet to be aired and they are calling tonight�s episode the �Season Finale.� Um, not quite jerkoffs.
Still to come this season is the debut of Jay and Silent Bob along with Alanis! Kevin Smith, Jay, and Alanis are guesting on Degrassi as Smith was a fan of the original series in the 80�s. Beyond that, there�s a string of STD�s that start surfacing at Degrassi. Kids start having sex for bracelets and apparently Spinner confesses to his role in pushing Crazy Rick over the edge, leading to the Columbine style shootings that took place before The N�s last self imposed Degrassi break. There are rumors circulating that Degrassi will not return until Fall, which has to be false because there are too many episodes left unaired from this season and the fifth season of Degrassi is supposed to begin in the fall (at least it does in Canada). I�m guessing that The N will put Degrassi back on over the summer. It was a huge hit last summer, so I doubt they would miss out on that opportunity again. Please The N, I beg of you� do �whatever it takes�� I need my Degrassi!


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