American Idol 3.8.05

American Idol 3.8.05
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Simon took a hit off Whitney�s crack pipe this week when he said Mario was not the best singer in this competition. A jigga what? Then who is? Scott �John Wayne Gacy� Savol? No! It�s all about some Mario. Did you know that bitch is 27? Check a driver�s license or demand a birth certificate, is that a typo? He doesn�t look a day older than 20 and he still possesses the innocence lost to Justin Timberlake after dating that trash compactor Britney Spears. I hate her. But Mario, I�ve got nothing but love for.
Constantine? Didn�t work as a movie, doesn�t work on stage either. Be gone. If there is only room for one �Rocker�, let�s take the not so foliclly challenged Bo Bice. Is folicilly a word? I don�t think so but you get the gist. I didn�t realize the next American Idol could possibly be a throwback to �89. Signs, signs, everywhere there�s signs�
And those girls? Ugh. Horrendous. �The Boys Are Back In Town� comment by Simon was genius and not the first time this season that Fox should rethink AI�s 8 o�clock timeslot. The boys in this case were some breastesus and they were large if not in charge during that performance. Basically of the women, if you are not blonde-busty and country or you don�t have an afro, please be eliminated. There is no chance one of these girls will win this competition, so lets just start plucking these chickens one by one. And let the first be Janay Castine the warble prone 16 year old that should be in school instead of having babies, I mean instead of thinking she�s the next Idol. Janay it�s jawaaay past your bedtime. �Night.


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