Simple Life: Interns 3.2.05

Simple Life: Interns
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I�ve not watched this since the first season when I swore up and down that Nicole Richie was a genius. And I continue to hold strong to my beliefs. I�ve witnessed her on Howard Stern, nothing is taboo with her, and she�ll talk the goods and dish the dirt on anyone. I appreciate that in a guest. I honestly believe in my black heart of hearts that Paris Hilton is a worthless waste of space but last night she pulled her weight in gold. Watching Paris do the weather on live television was quite possibly one of the funniest things I�ve ever witnessed. When the graphic zoomed out to include a shot of the earth from outer space and she looks at it and says: �This is the Earth� that�s hot.� Honestly I almost came undone. Tears.
My second favorite moment of the night was when the cooking segment chef asked Paris to fill a pot with water and Paris asks: �Tap Water?� The chef says: �Yes� and in unison, Paris and Nicole utter in disgust �Siiick!� I replayed that moment three times. Someone please give Nicole Richie her own show. I can�t go without.


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