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Project Runway
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It�s a reunion and clip show. I love these because here is where the real drama kicks in. When the Real World/Road Rulers have their reunions, its genius on tape; so, going into this, I expected nothing but the best and I was not disappointed! I was a bit annoyed at times because I can�t believe how hateful these people are towards Crazy Wendy. As you know, I love me some Crazy Wendy. I think she was a great player and I think that she is wonderful television. She dyed her hair, lost some lbs and looks amazing. She�s honest and composed during the ridicule and insults thrown down during the reunion� she�s a champ. She is the Richard Hatch of fashion. When they brought up the incident where someone vandalized her kids picture, no one fessed up! Austin was quick to change the subject saying that it�s so immature and upsetting that they should move on. Which makes his girdle look guilty!

�Don�t sell your soul Wendy, you may need it one day�� Kara Saun. You may be the best designer there but honey even Paula Abdul has sharper lines than you! She said it during the reunion, she said it in an interview and at the end of the hour they show her say it during Fashion Week to Wendy�s face. It�s so lame it�s as if Robio said it. Shame on you Kara Saun.

The out and out bashing of Morganza the Model was genius! A whole segment dedicated to one insanely destructive model named Morgan. They loved her, they hated her. Hell they even announced that she wouldn�t do the reunion unless they signed a waiver saying they would not show or say anything bad about her. Tim Gunn excitedly said there was no way they would sign that release so let the bashing begin. Roll clip! MORGANZA THE DESTROYER!

Project Runway is purely delicious television. It�s better than edible underwear (Have you ever tried that stuff? Sicka!)


  • I agree with you on the edible underwear, try Tastywear instead. They solve most of the problems that the old style edible undies have.

    By Blogger Jeff Brink, at 3/14/2005 06:05:00 PM  

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