Project Runway 2.9.05

Project Runway
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Austin Scarlett got the boot and everyone was shocked to see that Wendy (of whom I find highly entertaining and methodical) would move on to Olympus Fashion Week to compete for the final prize. Kara Saun was a dead ringer, hands down she deserves to be in the finals. But, I also think she is cocky and for that I hope they go with the more dangerous choice� Jay! Not only is Jay brilliant TV, he is a fun and risky designer. It would be incredible to see him take this thing to the end.
So next week is a reunion show before the finale airs. Dirty laundered designer knits will be aired as the 12 contestants cat fight about the cat walk. They show everyone gang up on Wendy, the easy target and outsider. I hope she holds her own and is not the one to walk off. She rocks. Crazy Wendy, I loves ya!


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