Amazing Race 6 2.1.05

Amazing Race 6
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So, all four teams will race to the finish. Interesting twist on the finale. I was not excited about Adam and Rebecca being last because as much as I don't like him, I love her. Last night she had a Suicide Girls shirt on and you have to love that! He on the other hand is worthless.

Speaking of worthless, can we talk about Kendra? Again last night she referred to another place as "Ghetto." Someone needs to stop her and quick. She is so horrible and whiny and just plain gross as a human being. I for one wanted her and Freddy Four Eyes to come in last because if they win it will be sooooooooo not worth a whole season's worth. That would be a waste.

Aaron finally told Hayden to shut her fucking trap. She is obnoxious. I hope they broke up after the race.

OH, and what about Ghetto and Four Eyes yielding the non-force A&R instead of Jon and Kris (I am glad they didnt, but come on...)? At this late in the Race, there is no reason to be yielding for revenge purposes. Its a race people, not Yatzee.

Jon and Kris, my team to beat just had the worst luck last night. Couldn't catch a break if they tried. I honestly hope they win. Are they Christian? They're too nice so that makes me think they may be holy rollers. Anyone know?

Phil had the "bulge" pants on again last night. Maybe its because he's foreign that he likes the extra hug in the sack region. I don't mind, I love me some Phil.

Game on.


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