Alias 1.19.05

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Is it wrong that Vaughn in the Priest get up with a stubble and a bloody eye was hot? Is that wrong? I have to tell you what was so not wrong, was the scene in the pub with Vaughn and the nurse (last seen as "Peter Pan" in Finding Neverland) where Vaughn confesses about Lauren. It was intimately shot and so honest it broke your heart. I loved that Syd got to listen in and be affescted but not be the one he's telling nor be able to comfort him. It was incredible. Just an amazing episode in both intrigue and emotions.

What about when that guy was freeze dried in the beginning and blew up. I didnt know what the hell was going on at first. Was he a dummy? A robot? I had no clue until the debriefing. And what about Sydney's jab at Sloan (the evil genuises going legit comment)? GENIUS!


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