Lost 1.12.05

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Incest is best, put your sibling to the test! Hello! Last night, "Lost" could have been "Degrassi" because... IT WENT THERE!

Thank you JJ Abrams for making incest yet another secret on this island of misfit toys.

And thank you for finally brining that beast back. The scene in the trees was incredibly tense and when that thing grabbed Shannon, WOWZA! I will confess, I was happy she was dead after learning their secret. I was happy that at least one of them was gone so that it would never come out to the rest of the survivors. And, no... I am not mad that it was a hallucination. I actually like that more than actually killing Shannon. The fact that Boone now has the chance to live with their decisions and possibly move on or self-destruct. Push that character the his breaking point. That was Locke's mission and it should be all of ours.

Incest is best put your sibling to the test!


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