Amazing Race 6 12.14.04

Amazing Race 6
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Okay, did we not all see Jonathan actually shove Victoria just before stepping up to Phil's podium? Phil, is abuse part of the show now? REMOVE THIS FUCKER and his obviously physically and emotionally abused wife. How are they still in this game? I fucking hate them. All I want for Christmas is Jonathan gang raped by inmates.

That said... See ya Don and MJ. Nice knowing you, but this game is all about the kids this year. Kris and Jon are officially my favorites. They are working alone and loving each other and the experience, for that, they will probably lose this race. HA!

Okay, its one thing to be worried and concerned with being in a third world country but to say the things that whore Kendra said on television are just wrong. Girl, that big black thing next to your face is a boom mic, the thing with the lens in front of you is a camera. You're on television and making horribly racist and classist remarks for the world to see. Kiss your so called "modeling" career back to a Sears catalog. Cunt.


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