Degrassi TNG: "Time Stands Still Pt. 1"

As The N's tagline screams:

"Degrassi, It Goes There"

Um yeah it does. Degrassi goes Columbine on our asses with a two part episode called "Time Stands Still." Part One revolves around psycho abuser Rick's dire need for friendship and acceptance at Degrassi Community School. Last season he put his girlfriend and once regular cast member Teri in a coma because he was an abusive cock. This season he is back at Degrassi with a set of steel balls as he is picked on and ridiculed daily. He's been pushed around, spit on, pranked on, and even beat up for returning to Degrassi after what he did to Teri. Yet, he remains to "show everyone I've changed."

Yeah, he hasn't changed, in fact he came back to Degrassi in hopes of creating enemies so he can have some good ole target practice.

In this episode, Rick is on an academic game show with Emma, Toby and Jimmy. After Rick wins the sudden death competition, our resident scumbags Spinner and Jay along with my new favorite Alex pull a "Carrie" White on nation television. Yellow paint and feathers drop from the ceiling slimming Rick for the world to see. Humiliation and shock rock Degrassi.

Rick goes home and pulls out a wooden box from a shelf. He slowly opens it and revealed is a shiny pistol. Fade to Black.

It was shocking and powerful. Subtle and non exploitative. I don't know who will die, but at least one character is killed and others wounded.

I think Jimmy will die. Look at the picture to the right. Its hardcore. How many US teen drama's do you know that have tackled this topic? None. Degrassi continues to accentuate every nuance of high school life including the reality of humiliation, lonliness and abandonment.

Watch your ass Emma Nelson, that gun is pointed in your direction after your "I felt sorry for you Rick. I pitied you, get a clue" comment. Giiiirrrrrrlllll.


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