Arrested Development 12.05.04

Arrested Development 11.14.04
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A couple moments will never leave my brain:

- Gob with Gary "The Poof" on his lap rocking back and forth. Sick scene.
- Pop Pop in a spider hole like Saddam.
- Buster walking into his father's funeral wearing a Army uniform that was made for this once stripper brother Gob. It was all short, tight, and slutty. I almost pissed myself.

This show continues to impress me. It gets funnier and more dispicable with each episode. The fact that there is supposed to be a magicians magazine called "Poof" alone, is funny. The fact that Michael thinks Gob is referring to the new gay employee Gary when he says: "Michael, have you seen the new "Poof" is god damned brilliant.

Did you see? Arrested Dev won the BIG in 04 award for Big Family of 04. They deserve all awards.


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