Desperate Housewives 11.28.04

Desperate Housewives
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"I have faith in the poor..."

Wow, that Bree is one twisted woman and I loves it! She is so crazed about perfection and image, she is so set in what is morally correct and what is not even if it's a bit askew (see: cover up of son's hit and run). She is the best character on this show.

Now, in the mystery department, I knew Susan was not going to get whacked. But for a minute there I though just maybe Felicity Huffman's character was a goner and it would have been great if she did off herself after seeing visions of Mary Alice with a gun. Damn that would have been spooky.

So, old Ms. Huber is D-E-A-D! About time, that Ms. Kravitz wannabe was too nosey for her own good. Huber, honey... This is not 1950, you cannot be so nosey and demanding. Blackmailing Mary Alice for no good reason other than she knew she had a guilty conscience. And what is with that DANA baby stuff? The whole mystery revolves around that Dana. Who, What, When, Where, Why and How you Desperate Housewives...


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