Lost 11.17.04

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So this French castaway looks really good for having been stranded alone on this island for 16 years. She's crazier than a shithouse rat, but looking pretty good. For a minute I was sure it was going to be Sydney Bristow's Mom (Alias) but nope.

So lets go over the clues from last night's episode:

- She was part of a scientist research team that ran ashore 16 years ago with some men.

- All of the men were killed by Frenchie within two months of being stranded.

- All of them were ill, that is why she killed them.

- She has a son named Alex that is more than likely alive and still on the island.

- There are whispers in the jungle, she warned Sayid. He thought she was crazy, but then he heard them.

- Not everyone on the island knows everything about what has happened on the island (Michael didn't know about the polar bear).

- One of the two new castaways featured, I think it's Ethan has a rash which Jack seems to think is just hives. I seem to think it's whatever illness Frenchie warned Sayid to look out for.

- There's no such thing as monsters.

I still have no clue what is going on with this show but I still find it quite enjoyable. Locke is still the man!


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