Scott Peterson Verdict

So, I was watching CourtTV for the Scott Peterson verdict just a few minutes ago (which was Guilt in 1st and 2nd degree murder counts in case you live in a cave) because I am a fan of spectacle. That in mind, the most disgusting thing about this broadcast was the sorry lot that gathered outside the courtroom by thousands. It's your standard mixed bag of middle agers, old folks, and then some pre-tweens. It was odd.

Everyone has gathered for the reading of the verdict which in essence is a somber and sad situation anyway you look at it. If you believe he's guilty it's sad because it was such a horrible murder and one that touched America. If you were under the impression that he was not guilty, then it was a somber day because he possibly could go to prison or face the death penalty. How ever you spin it, somber.

Now, here is the scene before the verdict is announced: People waving like they are at the Today Show, people on cell phones, people chatting amongst themselves as others mouth "Hi Mom" to the camera and try to catch a glimpse of themselves in the television monitor. The audio of the courtroom begins and people settle outside.

The verdict: The second "guilty" comes out of the foreperson's mouth the crowd erupts like it's New Years Eve. People start jumping up and down and hugging and thanking god. A little extreme. Then, they continue in the courtroom... 1st degree murder... The crowd starts pointing their index fingers into the air as if at the World Series and the Red Sox just won. More jumping, some chanting...

I don't care what the verdict is, this was a sick horrible display to watch. The morbidity of this crowd and their bloodlust for revenge. That my friends is funny when you think about it. Everyone is there because a woman was killed and now a man has been found guilty and will more than likely be facing the death penalty and the crowd has risen to their feet Super Bowl style. It was a gross spectacle.


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