Survivor 11.11.04

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Finally, those women are kicking some ass! This is one of those shows where for some reason, my adrenaline gets all amped up and I get really nervous and tense before tribal council... yeah, and I aint on the show. I know.

But tonight I have to tell you, these women creamed these men and could they BE more sad losers? I mean, Peg Leg there get's all pissy if any girl does anything better than him! I wonder if he's just grumpy because his phantom leg is itching, predicting the Vanuatu weather from day to day.

Ami is my girl. She's smart, she's running the show, and she works at Starbucks. Who puts "Barista" as their profession. Honey, put that you are a freelance something or other. And she's sooooooo lesbian Starbucks, ya know? She's THAT Barista behind the counter. The one that upsells you on every order and the one that know's your drink and has it ordered before you get to the register. My girl, Ami! Win this thing and you can buy a Starbucks franchise for yourself. Death to the men (how lesbian is that?)


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