Desperate Housewives 10.30.04

Desperate Housewives
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It's Halloween and the scariest thing around is not the ghost or ghoul at your doorstep it's Zachary, the son of Mary Alice that offed herself in the series premiere of "Desperate Housewives."

The whole episode, you feel so bad for this kid. His mother has killed herself, his father is hiding some incredible secrets and seems to have a distancing problem, and let's face it, those glasses he wears aren't exactly stylish. You feel for the kid.

Tonight he is sadly sitting alone in his livingroom numbly scrubbing the varnish off the spot where his mother shot herself. At dinner with Bree, he tells her that he has a secret and that is why his mother killed herself. The following day, Bree invites him over again for a pre-holiday meal run through ("in case the cookbook got it wrong") but bails on him at the last minute. He then breaks into her house and we discover later that he has decorated the inside of her house with a christmas tree (that he fresh cut from Bree's lawn) and as many lights as the Griswald family. It almost made me cry because of the despair and loneliness in his actions. You feel for this kid, no?

His father takes him home (out of police custody) and Bree is standing outside their front door listening to the father and son scream at each other when a loud crash is heard. Bree rings the doorbell and Zach opens the door a crack and eerily say's that everything is fine. He closes the door and the camera pans over to the Dad trying to get up from the floor, his lip all bloodied!

OH NO THIS KID BEAT HIS FATHER INTO SUBMISSION! Zach done gone crazy. Oh this is getting good.

The second scariest person of the night? Mama Soliz. Damn with the noise those knitting needles made as they clinked together. Watch your hot little latina ass Gabrielle.

This show continues to deliver, not letting me down one bit as it enters it's sixth week. Bree (Marcia Cross) continues to shine as the tightly wound Ms. Fix It of Wisteria Lane. Teri Hatcher (Susan) has finally landed in a show that is worthwhile and it is making me like her more and more each week. When she told that John on the corner that she was "On Break" I almost lost my mind. It was too funny. Lynette (Felicity Huffman) is so far the weakest story. She is great fun and those kids are complete terrors but where is this going? Gabrielle better watch her ass and that hot (and titty) young gardener need not be messing around when Ms. Soliz is in town, that old bag offed her husband, a tween aint no problem in her eyes.



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