Lost 10.27.04

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Does anyone else agree with me that the ansillary characters have the better back stories? I mean, Jack and Kate are great and their stories are compelling and all, but there is something more powerful in the backstories of Locke and the Korean couple.

The most insightful moments and mystifying moments of this week's flashbacks revolve around how happy the woman looked. She had longer hair, she was always smiling and was so in love. Her husband seemed smitten and would do anything for her. He ends us working for her father, which leads to distancing in their relationship as he gets deeper and deeper involved with her father's business in hopes of creating a better (read: richer - notice her shopping at Chanel - Hello!) life together which in turn leads to his killing people for her father and her plotting to leave him at the airport, faking her death all in order to get away from the one thing that she loved. It was so interesting to see the difference between who we know on the island and who they were in real life.

Great episode.


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