Greg the Berlanti

So, if you know showrunners at all, you know Greg Berlanti. At one point he took over for Kevin Williamson on Dawson's Creek (when it was still good) and he then moved on to create one of my recent favs, Everwood. This season he returned with Jack & Bobby (which I do not watch). Anyway, there is a point here. He is a great writer and somewhat a gay creative icon in my mind. He works in and out of the gay media stream and easily flows within the mainstream media set as well.

Tonight I am flipping through and notice that Broken Hearts Club is coming on IFC at 10:45, this is actually an enjoyable and honest, and funny film about a group of twenty something gays coming together as a family of sorts and their trials and tribulations. I know, you've seen it. But, what I didnt realize is that Greg Berlanti wrote and directed this film. Who knew? I thought he was only a TV guru.


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