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Okay, if they keep up the midair chaos before crashing each week, it's possible I will never set foot on a plane again. Those are some harsh scenes. Tonight we were privey to two flashbacks which in one case turned around my expectations... this show is on top of its game. I know, I know... its JJ Abrams, of course it is. I know that. I just now know there is definitely a bigger picture in store for this amazing show.
Tonight we learned many things:
1. That the prisoner is not the crazy blonde man with the gun, it is in fact the sexy and haunting KATE! I cannot wait for her mystery to unfold each week.
2. They were on their way from Australia to somewhere (I'm assuming the US) when the plane went down.
3. The little boy's mother died and his father is really in the picture for the first time.
4. Hot Ian Someralder is the brother of the hysteric in pink.
5. If a fat man passes out on your face while you are also unconscious, you will not suffocate.
6. Polar Bears somehow are on this island.
7. Not all men named Siad are terrorists regardless of what most white men believe.

I just think that the premise of this show is incredible. I'm not talking the "beast/supernatural" aspect, i am talking the reinvent yourself on this island aspect of it. Its a time to start a new, but we, the voyeur are lucky enough to learn both sides of their personas.


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