Big Brother 5 "Oh Fuck"

So, once Nakomis was booted, all I hoped was that skunkface would not win this game. She is gross and has gained like 20 pounds since the show started in July. Last night we finally watched Friday's live HOH and Eviction! It was a great hour made even better by the following:
- Diane's surprise eviction
- CBS's slip in not bleeping Cowboy's "Oh Fuck" after Diane walked out the door. He was walking to the kitchen island counter and he said through a veil of tears... "Oh Fuck". Whoops CBS! I hope Howard Stern caught on to that and began a campaign to have CBS fined for indecency.

Tonight's finale... I dont really care who wins... I just want to see how the jury reacts to the final two and I cant wait to see skunkface pout her way through what I am sure will be a staged "I am over confident" presence to Drew her boyfriend that gave her the boot!!!!


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