Thursday 9.9.04

Big Brother 5
It was a sad night as poor weepy and weak Karen got double crossed and ended up in Julie Chen's shouldered arms. Karen was broken by the time she left that house, I mean visibly shaken and emotionally shattered. I am pretty sure she forgot this was a game. All I have to say is that Nakomis is screwed unless she and her dimwit brother somehow pull off the alliance of the century. There is hope... Here are the situations of who is on the block courtesy of Drew (not considering veto):
Nakomis v. Diane: I would hope that Nakomis and her brother would stick together. I think they would because Cowboy is so into having a sister and a father that he wouldnt jeopardize that, knowing how emotional he plays this game. So, I think Cowboy would drop kick Diane and her skunk head.
Nakomis v. Cowboy: Diane pinky-sweared to Nakomis to never vote her out. I think she would stick to that after last night's episode when she spent forever justifying her removal of Karen (I never pinky-sweared to her...").

The Apprentice 2
This show is all about Carolyn and George. I am in love with them. She is looking hot and more powerful. George is stoic as usual but interjected some moments of humanity and humor throughout the 90 minute show. I have to say that the power of DVR was in my grasp last night as I didnt start watching The Apprentice until 9:10 and by 9:45 I had caught up LIVE! That was cool but also annoying because I then had to wait for the last commercial break. The days of Chuck Woolery and his "two and two" are history thanks to digital technology. My thoughts on some of the contestants? It's going to be an ugly and bitchy season, let it begin! Best moment of the night was when Atilla was in the focus group and she commented on that kids hair... GENIUS! But then, the even more brilliant part is when Carolyn ("Thats Hot")calls Atilla out on it in the boardroom. Meow!

Is it wrong that I liked everyone but Joey on a show called Joey? Drea was great as his ballsy codependent sister with the boob job. And that nephew was great! I even like the neighbor girl Alex (which was good recasting because I cannot see the original girl being as charasmatic) and her iffy-married status. Please writers of the show, DO NOT HOOK THEM UP! I appreciate that they thouched on pilot season in Hollywood. Seemed like it touched home with those writers a little too much. I'll let it ride for a while and see if they improve on the character Joey or not. Hell, keep the rest of the cast, lose LaBlanc.


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