It's like 24, but not... Live Comcast SCREAMING

The following takes place on the day my non-Tivo Tivo service is installed.
I am currently on hold on my 3rd call to Comcast. At this moment light jazz is not soothing me, its making me more crazed. I am on hold for a supervisor.

At 3pm a technician showed up to install our new DVR service. He brought the same box we already have which is hello, useless. He said the order did not state that it was for the new DVR box. The truck downstairs does not have any on it either.

3:15pm when I get home. 1st call is placed.
The woman tells me that the order indeed does state its for a DVR box.

3:20pm I'm on hold, but she comes back to tell me that someone will be out tonight by 7pm to install the DVR box.

3:50pm, call from technician saying he cannot come out tonight because there is no DVR box on his truck. We battle over a time he can get here in the morning. Earliest is when I have a hair appointment and Jon has a eye appointment. I'll call him back.

3:52pm I am screaming at a Sales Rep. from Comcast. He agrees this is crap and that someone has to come out tonight. He says he will contact a supervisor.

4:06 he's come back numerous times telling me his supervisor is on another call and he apologizes. No problem. Oh, I am livid right now. I dont know if the tech is trying to get out early or what? I mean, come on... drive to a fucking warehouse and get me my damn order. I mean, Jon left work early to make sure he was home for the appointment. HOLD ON HE's BACK...

4:09 Roger is back to tell me that someone, he doesnt know if its the tech that already came out or if its another tech, but someone will be there by 7pm with a box from the warehouse.

4:11 he apologizes up and down for the inconvenience and acknowledges that the DVR boxes just came out this week and that not everyone has installed them, and that he is sure not everyone has them on their trucks but that its their job to make sure they check their orders for the day... yadda yadda yadda.

4:12 he offers me any free premium channels for 2 months. I take Showtime so I can watch Dead Like Me. This guy rocks!

kerplunk kerplunk kerplunk


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