Big Brother 5

Now, I've heard people refer to gay's as many things but last night I heard the best comparison yet. One of the twins on BB5 compared Will (last evicted) to Charles Manson ("even from jail he's getting others to kill for him"). Hey, don't be jealous you freckled face pig nosed manipulator.

Damn that Adria for winning the veto and removing herself from the chopping block this week. Nakomis was pissed! And she gave the most word circle reasoning which really just made her seem like a selfish whore in light of her sister that is now probably being kicked out.

I never really cared for that Marvin, but let me tell you he is becoming a phrase of the week machine. Some of the things that came out of his mouth last night...brilliance.

If Natalie isn't going home on Thursday, it's going to be one UGLY house.


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