Sorry for the lack of updates!

It's been a busy couple weeks and I've had little time to comment on our favorite shows.

The Olympics are on this week and there are a couple observations:

1. Could Phelps look more different with and without that swim cap on? Those Dumbo ears are insane. Good thing that cap pins them down otherwise he'd be as fast as Gilbert Grapes' Mom in that pool.
2. Could those swim outfits on the men GET any lower? It's incredibly hot. (cue Nicole Richie: "That's Hot!")
3. I do not like that Carly girl on the American Gymnastics team. Something about her arched eyebrows and bad attitude. I've seen American Anthem enough to know an attitude gets you nowhere unless you are married to a professional hockey player.
4. Why the glitter? Those female gymnasts do love them some glitter.
5. I can't deal with the female gymnast's body. It's as thick and stocky as a horse and is so nonsexual it bothers me. The male gymnasts' bodies are very manly and flattering. Those girls though, thank god I am gay.
6. Why with the beach volley ball? Are you kidding?
7. Why are only the US female gymnasts pre-pubescent? There is that anorexic Russian girl of 25. Now those Russians are women. Posing nude in magazines, causing a potato riot and still getting medals. In America those girls would be killed.

The Amazing Race 5
Phil gets choked up at Mirna and Schmirna's elimination. The Philiminator losing his stoic stature? Phil, honey I'm concerned. What is it this year? Almost every elimination has been very emotional for me. All of my favorites are gone. If you recall I hated the midget and her cousin. But I grew to love their television presence. I loved the rivalry with Colin and Christi. And that ostrich egg. Are you kidding me? Who knew an ostrich could feed a village of 20 for a week on one egg? Now, that is an efficient bird. Forget a turkey. The ostrich is the new provider!
I just can't deal with some of these teams. Chip and his non-existent worthless wife better win this thing. I dont like them because she is a wet mop of a personality but that man can play this game like no other. If my previous record continues, I am now rooting for Colin and Christi (as all I root for are eliminated). GO COLIN! Skank.

Big Brother was banned officially in the first week. I will get a lot of shit for this, but it's unbanned and not only that, it is now must see tv. Tuesday's episode with the Veto competition proved to be one of the nastiest episodes in BB history. There is more backstabbing, evil doing, idiocy, and name calling in that house. I love it. Will with the Rosemary's baby comment. Will allowing the Bitch word to fly in every sentence referring to the twins. Grand! Oh god, and what about when A said that Jesus and the bible helped make the decision of who to nominate? When Will and Marvin pulled out the minority card it was sheer brilliance.
Sadly come Thursday, poor Will got the boot. I love that he wouldnt hug A or Nat. Those twins are the devil! Hopefully Nokomis will do her good will again and nominate those two doorknobs for eviction.

The OC
Please go to and check out the online look at the new season of The OC. It's just a music video but its candid and hot! I cannot wait until November for this show to return!!!


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