Six Feet Under 8.1.04

Batina (aka Kathy Bates) is back! I love her and I love Rush Fischer's sister Patricia Clarkson as well. I'm making some predictions here and now:

1. Joe (hot Justin Theroux) will be dead on Nate's slab shortly.
2. George's days are numbered as well. Either death or divorce.
3. Claire will break Edie's heart and she will find love in herself for once.
4. Nate will go crazy before getting better.
5. Rico's wife might damn near kill somone.
6. David will dump Keith for good! (That might be wishful thinking)

Great episode. Will David never learn? The answer is NO! The Fischer's are destined to make horrible choices that leave them lonlier and more pathetic than the day before.

I loved the sibling's "Onion Patch" song. It was another great moment between the Fischer children. Some great and true relationship moments between family this season! A stand-out characteristic this year.


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