Amazing Race 5 7.20.04

First I was rooting for Dennis & Erika. Philiminated.
Then I was rooting for Alison & Donny. Philiminated.
Next was Army Dad and Marsha. Philiminated.

See a trend here folks? I have decided that next I am rooting for Chip and his non-existent-I-have-no-personality-and-don�t-speak wife. According to the pattern that has developed, they will be gone next week! And not a week too soon. I despise this big dorky man. He just really, truly is a D&D, magic playing doooooork.

Charla, the midget should be philiminated for using her height to her advantage (as brilliant as it is).

Most genius moment of the night, the brothers drive by Mirna & Charla and scream �BITCH� out the window! Brilliance.


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