Weekend Views

Somehow this weekend I watched more South Park than I have since its first season on the air. Actually its the first time I've seen more than one episode of a season since the first and second seasons. Comedy Central ran the 25 most outragous episodes. I didnt see them all, but I did catch maybe 8 of them and I am here to tell you that I completely forgot how out loud funny South Park was/is. #4 was Mr. Hanky's Christmas Special and it actually made me feel sad and out of touch because that was at the height of my SP obsession days and those are no longer. I will also say that the hands down funniest thing that show has done since Mr. Hanky is Timmy... TIMMY! He never gets out. The episode with Timmy and Jimmy joining the Crips because they think its a club for cripples from both birth and accidents is genius! I am once again a devotee.

Degrassi TNG was much watched again. I love The N and I am not ashamed to say it.

I am sad to announce that I missed the second outing of The 4400. If you read the previous post on the show, I was into it. I will see if they reair because I need to see what happens to that evil little devil girl from the future but from the past...


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