The 4400

The thought of 4400 unaged and missing earthly inhabitants returning to this planet is creepers in its own right. The world has moved on and aged without them. Gives a whole new meaning to I went out to get a pack of cigarettes and never came back. Now add into the mix some developing superpowers, some nasty nosebleeds, and feelings of isolation and you have my youth! Kidding... about the isolation bit. There is a scary little premonitioning 8 year old that gives Samara from The Ring a run for her money. That witchy thing is just evil. I dont need 4 more installments of the mini-series to know that bitch is up to no good.

The acting is sub-par, but its entertaining. The Gay Baptist from Saved! is in it, he's in a coma, but he's in it. Worth a gander.

Rating: **~ (out of 5)


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