Joe Schmo 2 7.5.04

Jane Schmo becomes Actress! In a great twist on the producers part, they revealed the hoax to Jane Schmo Ingrid to which she replied something along the lines of "Thank the fuck God!" It was a great moment of revelation and a truly great step forward for this fake reality show. Joe Schmo Tim is still head over head for the fake bachelorette Piper and is much in belief of this game. In steps Jane Schmo #2 and its game on for Jane Schmo #1 as Ingrid the actress. Her first task, be the gossip and tell #2 all the scandal in the house. JS#2 immediately thinks Ingrid is a gossip and loves it! I hope Ingrid can keep up the act.

In a brilliant turn, its "Meet Piper's Parents" and bring on the lie detector. Each of the male contestants is interviewed by Piper's strict and scary father which has Joe Schmo Tim on the ropes. At dinner, the 4 men are supposed to work certain things into the dinner in order to avoid a "secret" being exposed. TJ has to kiss the mother. Tim has to work in the word cunilingis (sp?) into 3 sentences. It's a task that only the slimy TJ manages. The expose is genius as Tim's gay lap dance is shown, a picture of Gerald in drag surfaces, and everyone is shown a tape of Bryce trying to hypnotize Piper into loving him when he says the word "mockingbird." GENIUS! The lie detector is dragged out and Tim is the only one that is really tested. Gerald says that of the women in the house he finds Piper most attractive leading everyone to once again think Gerald is gay-gay-gay!

Bryce is kicked out and he throws a tantrum and starts screaming out "mockingbird" to which Tim almost steps in and removes Bryce personally. It is genius!!!

I love this damn show.

Rating: **** (out of 5)


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