Joe Schmo 2 6.29.04

This third episode of the genius known as Joe Schmo 2 was by and far the best of the season. Ingrid (Jane Schmo) is the ultimate in conspiracy theorists and has basically since Day 1 thought something was wrong with this dating show. By the second episode she was certain some of the contestants were actors and had the producers and actors scrambling. In this third episode, she has keenly picked up on numerous things:
1. Some of the speeches seem rehearsed
2. Some of the situations are so bizarre there is no way its real
3. One of the actresses messes up and refers to her real name instead of her character name.
4. Above mentioned actress stops telling a very personal and embarrassing story that could get her kicked off the show while a cameraman switches batteries in the camera.

As it stands, the producers and everyone involved with the show is trying to decide what to do with Ingrid because they do not want her corrupting Joe Schmo, Tim who is so dead serious about this process its scary.

Best moment(s) of the night: When Bryce painted "Piper" (the name of the "bachelorette") on his forehead at the birthday party. Also, when Joe Schmo Tim gave Gerald (played by Degrassi alum, Shane), "the gotta be gay guy" a lapdance.

This show is reality TV mockery at its finest. I mean how many shows can get away with a "Pearl Necklace Ceremony" and a game that involves the bachelor and bachelorette eating from the female contests "BOXES" and the male contestants "SACKS"? Fucking brilliant!
Rating: **** (out of 5)


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