Amazing Race 7.7.04

So if you are keeping track, I was rooting for Matt's two friends, Dennis and Erika. And if you watched the show last night you would realize now that I was rooting for LOOOOOOOOOSERS! Yeah, first ones Philiminated? Dennis and Erika. Gone. My next choice was originally whoo Donny and Alison refer to as "The Midget." No way am I continuing my pep for this duo from hell? The Midget is fine, but her Ukranian/I have and accent from nowhere cousin is a basketcase. Done. So, here is my break down of the teams and those I will now be rooting for until next week when they annoy or disappoint.

Alison & Donny - Thought I would hate them as they are a reality show cross over team. Alison was on BB4 last year and came in second place to the Margaret Cho-like June. Alison lied, cheated, stole, raped, and possibly murdered while on BB4 but still managed to come out alive. I was wishing death before the race but now I am kind of rooting for them. Donny is a schlump and an idiot for staying with big face bad skin Alison but lets face it folks... they are good TV.

Marshall & Lance - Two guys and a Pizza Place. I dont really care for these two pie-eaters as of yet. I like that there are no typical jock-types this year, but these two are a far cry from brothers Ken & Gerard or even the clows from last year. These two are lacking in the lovable fat guy arena.

Bowling Moms - I usually do not like the soccer mom types that come on the Amazing Race, but these two are actually really into the game and very motivated. They move because they know they have to. They want to win, not just be "moms" on a reality show. Not too bad. Did you see how fast these two came down that zipline? I thought I saw the tidal wave from The Day After Tomorrow coming at the screen.

Bob & Joyce - Internet Dating Couple. Enough said.

Charla & Mirna - The Midget and her cousin that has an accent like Madonna or Uma adopts at any given moment. I like Charla (midget) because she is strong and just goes goes goes. She also knows that people will help her because she is small and she is not affraid to exploit that! Why not? And that cousin? Trashy. She wanted to play a game of BlackJack while they were still IN THE RACE. Are you kidding me?

Brandon & Nicole
- The Lord Will Guide Us... to last place. If the lord was looking over you Brandon, he would have told you to cut that Justin Guarini/Sideshow Bob haircut.

Colin & Christi - I just dont know about these two yet. They could be the Jon and Kelly of this year without the personality, humor, or drive. So basically they are nothing like Jon and Kelly. And rumor has it, Colin tripped Matt's friend Dennis at the start of the race. Whoops.

Chip & Kim - Jackasses that skipped the clue box and had to backtrack in order to get the clue.

Kami & Karli - Twin Jackasses that skipped the clue box and had to backtrack in order to get the clue. One of them has a tongue ring... is it 1997?

Jim & Marsha - So they start the race, we're running, we're running... we're falling on an old pier with rusty nails and in need of stitches and possible amputation. Are you kidding me? This poor guy takes a header and almost misses his flight because he has to get 23 stitches. Ugh. His daughter is fun and supportive. We'll see how long before illness kicks in and he is rushed to the hospital.

Dennis & Erika - You've got to be joking. I was rooting for them. Oh well.


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