Big Brother 5

One word folks:


In one of reality TV's most spiteful and mean-spirited ratings gimmicks, Big Brother has finally surpassed jumping the shark and straight into BANNEDLAND! Project DNA (Do Not Assume) consists of setting up two siblings that have no idea they are siblings. A cowboy and a geek are long-lost brother and sister set up by the show to be reunited even though neither of them knew they had each other. Horrible. HORRIBLE! The cowboy figures it out when the geek tells her last name and what her father does. After a couple (what could be seen as) innocent questions, the cowboy realizes that this geek girl is his sister. THEY HAVE THE SAME FATHER. Abandoned as a boy and left to live with his single parent mother, he only knew his fathers name and that he was in Vietnam and lost part of his foot. Through those before mentioned innocent questions, he gets her to reveal that her father was in Vietnam and lost half of his foot. SAME GUY. As he pokes and prods for questions, the geek reveals that her father told her that he never had any other children. So the father has denied having other children, denying this cowboys existence. So he keeps his mouth shut and doesnt tell the geek girl sister. Partly out of fear, partly out of strategy so that no one targets the two of them.

This is evil on so many levels. That CBS would manipulate these two is evil. That either of them should have to find out while confined and quarantined to a house full of jackasses for 3 months is evil. That cowboy should have to even consider not telling the new found sister of their connection because it may hurt him in the game IS EVIL. This sinks below The Swan in ratings hungry carelessness and absurdity. Fuck you Big Brother.



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