Degrassi TNG 7.9.04

"It's Raining Men"
Marco and Dylan go on a DATE!
In a much anticipated episode, femmy Marco finally gets up the gay nerve to go on a date with jocky Dylan. After a hysterical start to the date in which Marco has a hissy and jumps out of the car flailing around like a girl because there is a bee, the date seems to move in the right direction. At the movies, Marco agonizes over wanting to hold Dylans hand. Dylan just grabs his hand and tells him its okay. Dylan is so the perfect BF. After the movie, they run into Marco's uber-Italian parents and are forced to have dinner together. After a flaming waiter trampses by, Marco's dad makes some gay jokes and says its just disgusting Dylan excuses himself. Come Monday, Marco is sure the way out of the closet and 2 years older Dylan will want nothing to do with him. Big mistake gay boy. Dylan is all over you like seamen to a ship. Ah, they KISS! Canadian TV rocks! No teen drama would ever show a full on man on man kiss. Degrassi is always the trend-setter.

Manny The Man Stealer is back!
Returning to Degrassi after a short absence for an ABORTION, Manny sets foot back in the halls of DCS. Knowing everyone views her as the "school slut" she holds her head high and carries on. After all, her abortion is nothing like the shame dorky JT goes through when his hip-hop french fries commerical airs nationwide.

Rating: **** (out of 5)


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