Degrassi TNG 7.16.04

So many exciting things about Degrassi!

2 Important dates to remember:
Sept. 25th - TNG cast members will be at the Natick Mall!
Oct. 1st -4th Season of TNG premieres on The N

Tonights Episode:
This episode exemplifies why this show reigns supreme in both teen programming and Degrassi legacy. The mixing of the old and the new. In tonights episode, Emma gets into a cat-fight, knees some whore in the face and slams her against some lockers a couple times! All because the girl pushed her too far when she was worried about her father, Archibald "Snake" Simpson's last chemo treatment. Snake for those of you not in the know was an original cast member of Degrassi Jr. High and then High in the 80's. He is now married to Christine "Spike" Nelson from Degrassi Jr. and High. Spike's daughter that she became pregnant with during Degrassi Jr. High is Emma. Emma's real father, Shane tried to kill himself during Degrassi High and is now in a mental institution (and currently played by the guy who plays Gerald, the gotta be gay guy on Joe Schmo 2). Long story short, Emma has kind of been the main character of TNG during the first year and a half. The focus always changes from kid to kid, but because her parents are original cast members, she remains a main focus and emotional center for the show. And tonights episode blended the old and new generations of Degrassi kids seemlessly and with incredible sensativity. I almost got teary eyed when Snake found out he is in remission.
The other storyline tonight revolved around Ashley, Spinner and my favorite diva, Paige. Paige is the penultimate cool chick that says what she wants, and gets even more. Her favorite word is "Hon" and she enjoys being the school gossip. One of her oldest friends, though growing apart as High School progresses, is Ashley. Ash has been down in the dumps since the breakup with Craig and her subsuquent revenge 2 weeks ago (and my newest fashion statement). Spin and Paige skip school, and take Ash out for the day. They play mini-golf, dine and dash, catch a flick... Ash tells them she plans on leaving Degrassi next year but by episodes end, the ever genius Paige helps brighten her spirits and take a new look at life and Degrassi. I think that bitch is here to stay. I am obsessed!

PS- Jon and I rented more original Degrassi tonight . We got the first episode of Degrassi High. In the past we got the Jr. High eps from the library. Thank goodness WGBH is in Boston. We can somehow make our way through a couple seasons of a 15 year old show.


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