Joe Schmo 2 7.19.04

Again, JS2 delivers comedy unparalled by any other show on TV right now. The actors and producers of this show deserve some kind of award for absurdity and comedic timing. The hoax is getting deeper and deeper for our Joe and Jane Schmo. Indrid, ex-Schmo turned actor was brought back in after the whoopsy eviction last week when Austin thought she made up her grandfather's death. It was revealed that Austin and Piper dated for 4 years prior to the show. It was revealed that Bryce's frog was eaten by Montacore the falcon. It was revealed that Amanda (Jane) and Time (Joe) are the perfect contestants for this show because they truly believe this is a real show and are developing real relationships with the other cast members and Austin/Piper.

Tonight there were 2 real dolls, Eleanor had more waterworks, there was another fly by banner and there was genius in the works.

Quote of the night by Eleanor on her refusal of Austin's pearl necklace: "You can take your pearl necklace and half-hearted locket and shove them up your ass!"

With Eleanor's empowered exit, it may have just drawn Tim and Amanda deeper into the "reality" of the show, making up for the over the top hijinks normally occuring. I can only dream what will come next. If you are not watching this show, you are an ass. Get on the bandwagon and how!


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