Six Feet Under 7.18.04

How do you make a show about death even more morbid and horrible? Torture a gay funeral director that's how! Jesus Christ. Totally out of the blue, the seemingly normal and always morose episode of SFU went crazy ass and had David being carjacked, robbed, drugged, beaten, bloody, and doused with gasoline before the hour was up. One minute Brenda was telling her cunty mother she hated her new hair and the next David was sucking on the barrel of a gun. Whats-a-my-what?

Regardless of how odd the turn of events and shift in story was, this storyline was gut-wrenching, intense, anxiety inducing, sickening and ultimately very sad. It was a story that we all predicted, or so we thought. David picks up cute hitchiker. Cute hitchiker is a little ditsy and naive. David has fantasy about cute hitchiker while driving. Sure, we all thought they would end up asses to asses on the van floor but noone, not one viewer could have predicted the tonal change and horrible direction their relationship would take. It was mutilation and pure torture. I cannot imagine how this storyline will play out. Will it force David into monogamy? Will it force Keith to kill someone finally? Will it force David away from Keith to a more stable and trusting relationship (my vote) or will it draw them together?

This clan of Fisher kids is so self destructive and self-loathing that nothing good can come from it... can it?

The slogan of this season is: "Everyday above ground is a good one"

But is it?


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