Entourage 7.22.04

Why not give a new HBO show a try, eh? Well my sentiments to this show are, EH? It's not that bad. It's not that good. Just what exactly are we supposed to feel for this hapless bunch of loafers and a vacant star? Adrian Grenier is the "star" that apparently isnt very bright or committed to working for stardom. His best friend acts like his agent before his real agent (that is played by Jeremy Piven, whom I love). Then there is his tag along older, not so good looking (I'm a Dillon, Kevin) brother that lives with him, is part of his entourage, and desperate for some kind of celebrity himself. Then there is Turtle, his chubby body-guard/sex-deprived friend that also loafs off Grenier's celebrity because he has no life of his own. There is no character you "feel" for. There is so far no storyline past "how far can you bring your friends along before they start bringing you down".
I think we are supposed to concentrate on the best friend that acts as agent because he is the most "grounded" and knowing of the Hollywood machine and its trappings. Who really cares? We know celebrities are vacant and useless, do we need 30 minutes of supposed comedy to establish that fact?

Best moment(s): Piven and a thirty second stint from Ali Larter as a bitchy/drunk/scorned lover who I think is supposed to be herself (I think).


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